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Posted in Aviation News, News Makes It Easier To Sell Your Aircraft has announced enhanced selling features just in time for aircraft owners to liquidate surplus airplanes and helicopters in this slowing economy. Live on the site now, the services are the start of an enhancement effort that will continue new features and value for airplane sellers.

Straightforward and uncomplicated pricing along with rich media highlights the new offerings. Instead of confusing formulas that involve partial month rates or fees paid by the seller based on a calculation of the asking price of the aircraft, selling at is easy and clear with flat rates based on one month periods and aircraft type.

For a single low price (all turbines, including helicopters, are $69.95, and everything else is only $29.95), airplanes are listed for sale complete with up to 100 words of descriptive text, the seller's contact details, a large photo, and embedded video (provided by seller). Buyers from all over the world deal directly with the seller - no middlemen. Aircraft dealers and those selling multiple items are able to take advantage of volume discounts.

In this recession and global economic downturn, expensive assets like airplanes and helicopters are far too valuable to keep if under utilized. Selling them is preferable to storage, depreciation, insurance, and flight-ready maintenance costs absent justifiable utilization rates. With these new airplane seller's services, is clearly offering a superior solution for quickly and cost-effectively finding buyers.

RSS syndication of the newest listings ensures rapid indexing by the search engines and possible inclusion on additional third party websites. was launched in the Summer of 2007 and currently features hundreds of basic listings of experimental aircraft, ultralights, single engine and multi-engine aircraft, helicopters, and corporate jet planes.

The new ads will run in premium locations on the website's pages above the basic listings.