December 2014 Stargazing - Skywatching - Astronomy Night Sky
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December 2014 Stargazing – Skywatching – Astronomy Night Sky

Here is your quick video guide to December 2014 stargazing and sky-watching of the astronomy events visible in the night sky: The Geminids and Ursids offer two more opportunities to catch meteor showers this year and two comets put in an appearance (Comet Siding Spring and Comet PanSTARRS).

Look for the Geminids in Gemini early in the morning of 13, 14 & 15 December. By early we mean 2 am!

The Ursids will appear a week later and an hour later in the morning on 23 December. They get their name from Ursa Minor and Ursa Major so look between them (the big and little dippers).

Also on 23 December you have a chance to see Comet Siding Spring and Comet PanSTARRS. They will be visible in the early evening.

Video and night sky highlights courtesy of NASA JPL.