Eagles Taught To Capture Drones - Video
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Eagles Taught To Capture Drones – Video

It seems Dutch police are concerned enough about rogue drones that they've begun to test if eagles can be used to capture dangerous or unauthorized drones in the interest of public safety. While in Dutch, this video shows some initial experiments with a Bald Eagle (and perhaps another variety) grabbing what looks like a T2M SPYRIT style quadcopter drone. I attempted to turn on YouTube's auto translate feature to make some sense of the captions, but that did not really help. Any native Dutch/English speakers, please feel free to translate in the comments below!

Eagles Taught To Capture Drones Video Picture

Eagles Taught To Capture Drones Video Picture

The best I can determine is that concerns at breaking news events of unauthorized drone activity can interfere with public safety officials and aircraft, including the operations of air ambulances, along with the growing issue of dangerous activity near major airports.

Another issue raised by this project is the danger posed to the birds by the drones rotor blades. Apparently protective gear is under consideration.