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Flight Jackets on eBay

New and Used Flight Jackets For Sale Please Note: This is a real time, but partial display of available pilot jackets, bomber jackets and flight suits for sale. If you...

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MA-1 Nylon Flight Jacket

The Authentic Alpha MA-1 Flight Jacket Often copied but never duplicated, the classic flight jacket made by Alpha for the military for over 40 years. For use in cold...

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MA-1 Leather Flight Jacket (L)

The Authentic Alpha MA-1 Flight Jacket Ladies', this attractive leather Bomber Jacket is high style... but a full zip-out faux fur body liner on the inside also makes...

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B-3 Leather Flight Jacket

Sam Saba Leather Jacket - The B3 Bomber Jacket This B3 Bomber is so close to the real thing you'll swear when wearing it that the date is June, circa '43 or '44. Sam...

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CWU 45/P Nylon Flight Jacket

Alpha's flight nylon version of the U.S. Air force current issue cold weather flight jacket. Our CWU 45/P is made to the same standard as our Nomex version worn by the...

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