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Virgin Global Flyer “Ultimate Flight” By Steve Fossett Delayed

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A statement issued by Steve Fossett's Virgin Global Flyer "Ultimate Flight" team says the launch of the record attempting mission on February 7, 2006, has been delayed for one day due to a problem with a fuel leak.

Jon Karkow of Scaled Composites is quoted as saying "One of the new vent systems that has been added in the boom tank is where the problem occurred and one of the vent lines that penetrate the tank has a leak and this was discovered when fuel started leaking out of the wheel well." Scaled Composites built the Virgin Global Flyer and it is the company run by the Magician of Mojave, Burt Rutan.

This so-called "Ultimate Flight" is intended to set the record for the longest flight of all time. If successful, Fossett and the Virgin Global Flyer will travel at least 700 miles farther than any other aircraft. Burt Rutan designed the current record holder, Voyager, which flew 24,987 miles in 1986.

Some Virgin Global Flyer Specifications

- Wing Span: 114ft
- Wing Area: 400ft squared
- Length: 44.1ft
- Height: 13.3ft
- Gross Weight: 22,000 lbs
- Empty Weight: 3,350 lbs

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