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Boeing Launches Longest-Range 737 with ANA

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SEATTLE, January 31, 2006 - In a press release the Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] today launched the 737-700ER (Extended Range), following an order conversion from ANA (All Nippon Airways) for two airplanes.

According to Boeing, the 737-700ER has the longest range capability of any 737 family member in regular commercial service, and is able to serve new non-stop, point-to-point routes profitably.

A Boeing Business Jet-inspired airplane, the commercial passenger jet features the fuselage of the 737-700 and the wings and landing gear of the larger 737-800.

The high-performance derivative can fly up to 2,145 nautical miles farther than the current 737-700. With up to nine optional auxiliary fuel tanks and optional Blended Winglets, the 737-700ER is capable of flying up to 5,510 nautical miles.

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