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Aloha 243 – Aloha Airlines Flight 243

Secrets of the Black Box: Aloha Flight 243 DVD

* Actual black box recordings reveal what happens when disaster strikes in the skies.
* See how the crew of a stricken 737 flew a partially roofless craft to a safe landing.
* The ultimate examination of infamous incidents in aviation history.

On April 28, 1988, an Aloha Airlines Boeing 737 with 89 passengers onboard was on the first leg of a series of inter-island flights. As the airplane leveled at 24,000 feet, both pilots heard a loud "clap" sound followed by the whooshing of wind behind them. The captain turned to see that the cockpit door was missing and blue sky was visible where the first-class ceiling had been. The aircraft had suffered an explosive decompression and lost a massive section of its roof--along with one flight attendant. But, through the heroic efforts of the crew--captured on the cockpit voice recorder--the plane was guided to a safe landing back at Honolulu. Incredibly, the pilots flew the badly damaged aircraft for nearly a half-hour with a full third of the roof missing. Just click the box picture above to order!