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KAL 007 – Korean Air Flight 007

Secrets of the Black Box: KAL 007 - Korean Air Flight 007 DVD

* Actual black box recordings reveal what happens when disaster strikes in the skies.
* Do the voice recorders from the doomed 747 prove the Soviets knew it was a civilian flight?
* The ultimate examination of infamous incidents in aviation history.

On September 1, 1983 Korean Air Lines Flight 007, a 747 with 269 passengers aboard, strayed into Soviet airspace over a secret missile installation on the Kamchatka peninsula. Soviet interceptors scrambled and the plane was shot down--killing all aboard. World reaction was explosive. The Soviets claimed that flight 007 was really a spy plane. But U.S. representatives gave a vivid presentation at the United Nations "proving" that the Russians knew it was a civilian airliner before they shot it down.

Years after the tragedy, flight 007s black boxes were finally uncovered. By thoroughly examining this data, investigators are finally able to unravel what happened. For the first time, SECRETS OF THE BLACK BOX tells the true story of KAL 007--its doomed flight and tragic consequences. Just click the box picture above to order!