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Posted by on 28 Jul 2008 in Space News

Space News – White KnightTwo Rollout

Space News - The carrier aircraft at the center of Virgin Galactic's plans, White KnightTwo, has rolled out Monday, July 28, 2008, from the Scaled Composites' factory in Mojave, California.

White Knight Two is the atmospheric "first stage" that lifts SpaceShipTwo up to 50,000 feet before releasing the smaller sub-orbital spacecraft for its journey into micro gravity at the edge of space.

One published report claims that the wingspan of White Knight Two is the same as a Boeing B-29 bomber - which would be an interesting coincidence, if indeed it is both true and a coincidence, since the Bell X-1 and other programs similar to the White Knight Two / SpaceShipTwo system were carried aloft by the B-29 Superfortress.

Watch other videos of this and additional exciting space milestones right here on - just click this link - free: White KnightTwo Video

You can discuss this space shuttle flight and other aviation subjects in our forums. To talk about SpaceShipTwo, stop by the space forums today.

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