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Stealthy F-15SE Silent Eagle Video

Boeing has a new arrow in its quiver of international fighter offerings: a stealthy F-15 they are calling the F-15SE or Silent Eagle.

What's new in this configuration are features that may reduce the aircraft's radar signature relative to earlier model F-15s. The most obvious external change is the new conformal fuel tanks that can carry weapons like the AIM-9 and AIM-120 air-to-air missiles, or, ground attack payloads such as the JDAM and small diameter bomb. The munitions are carried inside the tanks hidden from radar. This according to Boeing in its announcement of the new product.

Also new are unspecified improvements in stealthy coatings and treatments along with nearly F-22-like canted vertical tails. The point is to offer an incremental increase in stealth and survivability without busting a nation's defense budget. Boeing says there will be a first flight in early 2010.

Note: We have re-published this story from our archive (March 2009) with a new version of the video and player.

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