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V-22 Osprey Video – Tiltrotor

V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor Video

is offering a new DVD edition of their landmark video, TILTROTOR AND THE FUTURE,
the first and only independent documentary about the controversial
high tech V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor aircraft.

front page news, here is your opportunity to learn the inside
story about this remarkable hybrid aircraft's origins and how
it became the V-22 Osprey.

MV-22 Osprey VideoIndustry
insiders and flight buffs alike will be fascinated by expert discussions
of the engineering challenges posed by the tiltrotor concept.

TILTROTOR AND THE FUTURE takes you from the early days of tactical
helicopter deployment in Korea and Vietnam into the cockpit of
the XV-15 and the promising but troubled V-22 Osprey. You'll experience
breathtaking scenes of air-to-air combat tests, search & rescue,
and air-to-air refueling missions. Get the video and you'll step inside the state-of-the-art
Osprey simulator and see today's newest amphibious air-assault workhorse
in action!

Now you can purchase your own DVD copy of Tiltrotor
and The Future. It's in NTSC format, and available for delivery to
addresses in the US, Canada and Western Europe only
. Shipping is quoted when you place your order - automatically - please don't write to ask for the costs because we don't know. Before you confirm your order the system will automatically provide you with shipping options and costs.

The DVD is in stock and ships promptly on confirmed order.

DVD of Tiltrotor and The Future should play in any NTSC DVD player
purchased in the last 5 years. If you have questions about the DVD
or require different shipping arrangements,
please contact us at this link.

Watch the short preview below to see some of the amazing footage in the hour long film of the 1950s vintage X/V-3, the 1970s era flight tests of the XV-15, and interviews with V-22 Osprey program leadership.


AND THE FUTURE was produced from extraordinary historical footage
combined with computer-animated simulations and exclusive interviews
with experts in this cutting edge flight technology. An hour-long,
in-depth look at this remarkable aircraft, TILTROTOR AND THE FUTURE
is a must have for every serious aviation video collector.

and directed in 1987 by award-winning filmmaker Craig Schmitman
of AeroSpaceNews.com, you must not miss this extraordinary documentary.
Order your own copy now!

CV-22 OspreyPlease note that this program was originally produced in 1987 and a small portion of the program near the end was captured on industrial video equipment typical of the period. This only involves a tiny portion of the hour-long show but we want our buyers to know this and make their purchase decision with this information in mind. This is a very good documentary but it is 20 years from its original release date. There are exclusive interviews with tiltrotor experts who have since passed away. It is a story you'll never learn anywhere else!

Order now and you also get to
see the actual V-22 Osprey hovering in a new short video (1 min
13 secs), however, the Air Force photos mentioned in the preview only come with the download edition purchased by our subscribers.

order the DVD (just $19.95 plus Shipping/Handling - shipping quoted when you place your order at the link below), just click "V-22 Video" link in the box below (order processing, shipping and returns are handled by our vendor - a new window will open).

To order please click below:

wholesale/volume buyers: While we no longer sell individual VHS tapes,
bulk copies in VHS or DVD format are available. Broadcast rights
for television, satellite and cable are also available. Please
contact us at this
for more information.


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