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Air France Plane Crash

An Air France plane is missing over the Atlantic and is thought to be crashed somewhere between South America and Africa. The jet is an Airbus A330, Air France Flight 447, operating a trip between Rio de Janeiro and Paris.

Contact with the GE CF6-80 powered jet was lost after the receipt of an automated message reporting electrical failure and loss of cabin pressure. The plane was not heard from again and so far no ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) beacon has been detected.

Published reports have indicated that the plane entered an area of intense tropical convective storm activity shortly before it was believed to have experienced the in-flight emergency. Other reports claim the jet was struck by lightning but such assertions are premature at best at this stage, and unlikely to have brought the aircraft down.

There are 228 passengers and crew aboard and the area thought to be the location of the aircraft is known to be extremely deep open ocean. This would complicate any investigation and make recovery of the so-called black boxes more challenging.

The accident will likely fall under the jurisdiction of aviation authorities in France.

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