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Area 51 Is Real Says CIA

Infamous Groom Lake, also known as Area 51, has finally been officially acknowledged as real by the US CIA. Long the most incredible of national security denials and "no comments," the complex of buildings and runways, extensively documented by satellite imagery, litigation, television shows, movies and enthusiasts, is finally the acknowledged base of operational testing for the beginnings of the Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft program.

The revelation has come to light thanks to a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request by the National Security Archive at George Washington University (GWU). The document itself is not new, having been first released in 1998. That version was gutted by extensive redactions. According to the GWU website, "The latest release is notable for the significant amount of newly declassified material with respect to the U-2 — with regard to names of pilots, codenames and cryptonyms, locations, funding and cover arrangements, electronic countermeasures equipment, organization, cooperation with foreign governments, and operations, particularly in Asia."

What is especially surprising is what the University describes as "Numerous references to Area 51 and Groom Lake, with a map of the area."

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U-2 TR-1 Stock Photo courtesy Aeronautic Pictures.


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