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Posted by on 20 Mar 2023 in Airline News

Boeing Resumes 787 Dreamliner Deliveries after FAA Approval

The Boeing Company has restarted deliveries of its widebody 787 Dreamliner jet after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved its data analysis related to a production issue.

The FAA said on Friday that Boeing had addressed its concerns about a data analysis error that affected the forward pressure bulkhead, a structure that separates the pressurized cabin from the nose of the aircraft.

"The FAA may resume issuing airworthiness certificates next week," the agency said in a statement.

Boeing said it had completed the analysis necessary to confirm that the aircraft meets requirements and does not require further production or fleet action.

"The FAA will determine when 787 ticketing and deliveries resume, and we are working with our customers on delivery timing," Boeing said.

The latest hiccup in the Dreamliner program occurred just months after Boeing resumed 787 deliveries following a year-long pause due to quality problems. The company delivered three Dreamliners in January before the FAA halted deliveries again on Feb. 23.

Boeing continued to produce the 787 while conducting the analysis, but at a reduced rate of five per month. The company said last month that it expects to deliver between 70 and 80 Dreamliners this year.

The resumption of deliveries is a positive sign for Boeing, which has been struggling with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on air travel demand and safety issues with its best-selling 737 Max jet.

Boeing shares rose nearly one percent on Friday following news of the FAA approval, which was first reported by Reuters.


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