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Posted by on 07 Feb 2006 in Aviation Videos

Fly Past 4 DVD Set History Channel

Fly Past 4 DVD Set

The dream of flight was finally realized on a North Carolina beach in 1903. In the century since then, innovations have come fast and furious, and the skies have filled with extraordinary creations.

FLY PAST tells the story of the legendary figures and machines that pepper the past of aviation in four fascinating volumes:

* The Wings of Man--83 years after Kitty Hawk, the Rutan brothers made aviation history with the global flight of the Voyager.
* Straight Up--Igor Sikorsky's prototype machine, VTOL jets and the controversial tilt-rotor designs of the 1990s.
* A Wing and a Prayer--The B-2 stealth bomber is the direct descendant of Jack Northrop's revolutionary XB-49 flying wing.
* The Cutting Edge--The stealthy, robotic Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle and a solar-powered flyer designed to stay aloft for months offer a glimpse of the future of flight. Just click the box picture above to order!


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