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Posted by on 14 Jun 2007 in Space News

International Space Station ISS Crew Computer Problems Ease

Russian flight controllers are troubleshooting a problem with backup navigation computers aboard the International Space Station (ISS) manned by the Expedition 15 crew and their visitors flying the Space Shuttle Atlantis on mission STS-117.

Space Picture of the Space Shuttle Atlantis photographed from the ISS viewed from the aft end looking forward as the two spacecraft were nearing their link-up in Earth orbit.

About an hour and 20 minutes before the Thursday morning, June 14, 2007, scheduled wakeup call, the crews were awakened by a false alarm on the station. The alarm was triggered by the restart of the Russian navigation computers.

Flight controllers continue efforts to bring the computers back up to full operation. The system is essential to the ISS as it manages the orientation of the station relative to the sun - in essence pointing the power-producing solar panels and keeping the ISS from tumbling or re-entry through the control of ISS attitude and orbital altitude.

For now, the station


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