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Posted by on 08 Sep 2005 in Space News

NASA Modifies Space Station (ISS) Contract

Source: NASA

NASA signed a $68.35 million modification to the International Space Station
contract with The Boeing Company. The modification provides a system to supply
Station electrical power to docked Space Shuttles, enabling the Orbiter to stay
longer at the complex.

The Station-Shuttle Power Transfer System (SSPTS) allows the Orbiter to use
electricity generated by the Station's solar arrays. The additional Station power
supplements Shuttle fuel cells, saving onboard supplies of hydrogen and oxygen.

The Station power will allow Shuttles to dock up to 12 days instead of up to
eight days. The longer stay allows additional time for spacewalks, Station
maintenance performed by Shuttle crews, Orbiter thermal protection system
inspection, contingency repairs, logistics transfers and science operations.

The change includes the design, development, manufacture, qualification, testing,
delivery and instructions for installation of the SSPTS hardware, software and
support equipment into the Station and Shuttle. The SSPTS will be installed in
the first Shuttle in spring 2006. The first flight is targeted for Shuttle
mission STS-119, the mission to deliver the final component of the truss and
solar array structure that provides the Station's power.

The contract modification culminates with delivery of all SSPTS components,
integration and testing of the hardware and software in spring 2007. The work
will be performed at Boeing facilities in Houston; Kennedy Space Center, Fla.;
Canoga Park, Calif.; Huntington Beach, Calif.; and Seattle.


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