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Posted by on 18 Jun 2007 in Airline News

Paris Air Show News – Jet Airways New Livery

Private Indian Airline Jet Airways has brought a Boeing 777-300ER to Le Bourget, France, for the Paris Air Show. According to Boeing, the plane reflects the airline's new livery and interior configuration for long haul service.

Each of the first class suites offers nearly 26 square feet of usable space that can be closed off with sliding doors. The suites feature a 23-inch flat-screen monitor, storage areas that include a personal hanging wardrobe, dual credenzas with under-ottoman storage, and an 83-inch bed. With a business-jet style table, two can dine comfortably in the suite, according to Boeing.

Jet Airways has operated the 777-300ER on a Mumbai-London route, but on August 5, 2007, it will become the first private carrier operating services to the United States when operations begin with 777-300ERs via the newly launched Brussels hub.

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