Shenzhen Airlines Places $60 Million CFM56-5B Order | AeroSpace News | #AeroSpaceNews Shenzhen Airlines Places $60 Million CFM56-5B Order | AeroSpace News | #AeroSpaceNews
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Posted by on 08 Sep 2005 in Aviation Podcast

Shenzhen Airlines Places $60 Million CFM56-5B Order

Source: CFM International

EVENDALE, Ohio - August 26, 2005 - Shenzhen Airlines has become the newest customer for the CFM56-5B, placing an order for engines to power three Airbus A320 and two A319 aircraft. The engine order is valued at $60 million at list price.

CFM56-5B engines are produced by CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between Snecma and General Electric Company.

Shenzhen Airlines, which currently operates a fleet of 32 CFM56-powered Boeing 737s, will take delivery of its first A320 later this year. Shenzhen is one of the fastest growing airlines in China, serving both domestic and international routes. The airline has been recognized for its outstanding service, receiving three champions of "National Passengers Assessment on Civil Aviation" and "National Customer Satisfied Enterprise" awards.

The CFM56-5B is the only engine that can power every model of the A320 family with the same bill of materials, giving Shenzhen a distinct commonality advantage in terms of training and provisioning. The CFM56-5B's reliability, durability, long on-wing life, and lower overall cost of ownership makes it extremely popular with leasing companies, low-cost carriers, and major airlines worldwide.

The CFM56-5B core served as the foundation for the development of the CFM56-7B, which power the Next-Generation 737s in the Shenzhen fleet, as well as for the new CFM56-5C/P engine for the Airbus A340 Enhanced aircraft.

CFM used advanced three dimensional aerodynamic (3-D aero) design tools to give the 9-stage CFM56 high-pressure compressor better efficiency and improved aerodynamics. The high-pressure turbine also incorporates 3-D aero, active clearance control, and single-crystal N5 material in both the blades and the nozzles for improved durability, lower maintenance costs, and longer on-wing life. The low-pressure turbine incorporated 3-D airfoils for improved efficiency and fuel burn.

The CFM56-5B-powered A320 fleet currently in service has logged more than 19 million engine flight hours and 11 million cycles.


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