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Posted by on 07 Jul 2014 in Airline News, Airline Videos

Barcelona Airport Near Miss Video

A video has emerged of an alleged near miss at Spain's Barcelona Airport. The video was apparently shot by YouTube user Barcelona-El Prat In'tl whose name is actually Miguel Ángel, according to the description accompanying the video. It also says the incident aircraft were an UTair Boeing 767-300 (VQ-BSX) and an Aerolíneas Argentinas Airbus A340-300 (LV-FPV).

Apparently the Aerolíneas Argentinas Airbus A340-300 was cleared to taxi across the landing runway assigned to the UTair Boeing 767-300 while Boeing was on what appears to be a short final approach. The crew of the UTair jet elected to execute a go around and later landed without further incident.

Initial statements from airport and air traffic authorities quoted by the media state that the apparent proximity seen in the video is an optical illusion and at no time were the aircraft or their passengers in jeopardy.

That does seem to, if you'll forgive the turn of phrase, fly in the face of the actions of the UTair crew who must have also perceived the "illusion" such that they went to the trouble and potential risk of a very short final go around or missed approach.

What do you think? Was it just an optical illusion or was this a near miss? Please leave a polite comment below.


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