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Hot Pic of Beechcraft Starship

At Sunset, A Star and Starship

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Hot Pic of Beechcraft Starship From Raytheon Aircraft In Flight

In this image the nearly extinct Beechcraft Starship is seen banking into a Wichita, Kansas, sunset. This descendent of the VariEze and fertile mind of Burt Rutan clearly shows its roots as its outline is silhouetted against the twilight sky.

Loved by many but cancelled and re-purchased by Raytheon Aircraft, the Starship suffered the steep learning curve of FAA certification of the first production composite aircraft.

The Starship is seen here during a photo shoot for an article profiling the arguably great, but undeniably beautiful airplane.

The photographer is Craig Schmitman of Aeronautic Pictures. If you click the image a new window will open taking you to

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