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Posted by on 24 May 2013 in Airline News

Interview of Richard Anderson CEO of Delta Airlines [Audio]

Richard Anderson, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Delta Airlines, was interviewed recently by David Brancaccio of the Marketplace Morning Report. They discuss a wide range of topics from the risks of adding state of the art aircraft to the Delta fleet (787 delivery deferment), to subsidized aircraft purchase for foreign airlines by the US government, to baggage fees, airline profitability and frequent flyer miles (spoiler alert - he does not have any).

Marketplace is kind enough to allow embedding of their audio so we are sharing this thirteen minute podcast with you.

At least one comment left on this item over at Markeplace accused the host Brancaccio of throwing softball questions at CEO Anderson. While it was not the most hard hitting of interviews, it did not seem like a PR puff piece to me. What do you think? Please leave a comment but be civil.

On tech at Delta and why the company still uses older planes:

The best example and the best notion of how to explain this is that we think a mix of airplanes is appropriate when you are operating the airline for a return on invested capital. When you think about it from a technology perspective, just think of it this way: The president of the United States flies around on some of the oldest aviation technology in the world -- that technology was invented in the 1960s-70s. We have a lot of new technology airplanes, but we also have a very good mix of airplanes -- both mature fleet and new fleet. - Delta’s Chief Executive Officer, Richard Anderson

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