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Posted by on 02 Jul 2016 in Aerospace News, Airline Videos

Planespotting LAX Los Angeles International Airport Time Lapse Video

We went planespotting at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) for this time lapse video. Watch a morning's worth of airport traffic come and go in this short, music-driven film.

YES, some of the footage is running backwards in places and a few shots are flipped. That's on purpose. We were out shooting some tests for the best frame rate for airport time lapse (timelapse) video and simply wanted to put together a fun plane spotter's mashup of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Because of the limited camera angles, in order for the footage to "cut," we flipped some shots and for fun ran some in reverse. 🙂 Hopefully you enjoyed this silly but kinda cool planespotting video.

We are going to do more airport (and air side) shooting soon. This was only a test. You may now move about the cabin. 😉

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The raw footage is available from Aeronautic Pictures who produced this piece on their site: Airplane Stock Footage

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