Tiger Airways Takes Delivery of Airbus A320 From GE | AeroSpace News | #AeroSpaceNews Tiger Airways Takes Delivery of Airbus A320 From GE | AeroSpace News | #AeroSpaceNews
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Posted by on 09 May 2013 in Airline News

Tiger Airways Takes Delivery of Airbus A320 From GE

GE Capital Aviation Services Limited (GECAS) says its customer Tiger Airways, based in Singapore, has taken delivery of a new leased Airbus A320 aircraft. According to GE, the aircraft is the first of five scheduled for delivery in 2013 as part of a multiple aircraft purchase-and-leaseback transaction with Tiger Airways Holdings.

In a statement issued today, GE describes the carrier saying it was established in 2003, and it is the parent company of a group of budget carriers operating in the Asian region and Australia. The Group consists of wholly-owned Tiger Airways Singapore and Tiger Airways Australia, and partially-owned Mandala Airlines and SEAir. As of 30 April 2013, the Group’s fleet comprises 44 Airbus A320-family aircraft, averaging under three years of age. The group operates an extensive network covering over 50 destinations across 13 countries in the Asia Pacific.


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