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X-47B First Aircraft Carrier Launch HD Video

Posted in Military News, Military Videos

The US Navy has completed its first ever aircraft carrier-based catapult launch of an unmanned aircraft, an X-47B, from the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), on 14 May 2013. presents the next installment in our series of Hot Pics of amazing airplanes, helicopters, spacecraft and other things that fly. This HD video episode features the awesome X-47B UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or UAS Unmanned Aerial System or because this one “could” be armed with weapons, Unmanned Combat Air System… to many, it is just a drone. It begins with a sequence documenting that historic first X-47B launch from the aircraft carrier and continues with more footage, including air-to-air, from the UCAS-D program to date.

Commander Chris Hadfield Sings Space Oddity

Posted in Space News, Space Videos

You may have heard of this video – perhaps on the evening news. Now former International Space Station (ISS) Commander Chris Hadfield, well known as a music lover, singer and musician, to say nothing of his prolific Tweeting and sharing of photos shot aboard the ISS, recorded his own interpretation of David Bowie’s iconic Space Oddity song in the form of a music video, in space, entirely aboard the ISS, before handing over command of the space outpost and returning to earth.

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